Monday, January 23, 2012

Post soul-ectomy

Hmmm.  I don't even know where to begin.  I'm still recovery from my soulectomy.

In November:
Threw hubby a surprise party:

Went to AZ:

To one of these:

Hung out with these crazy awesome people:

And then flew home and BAM it was December:

Partied with them:

Celebrated this (Not my house, but this one did have 27 inflatables):

Celebrated seven years of this:

And Shabam--January:

Been doing a lot of this (still don't look like that):

Hubby started new school.  Online for now.  (We love having him home, when we can actually see him.  Keeping the kids/myself out of his hair = not so fun).

Trying to redecorate cheaply with Christmas dough:

Sewing drop cloth pillows

 Potterybarn inspired pillow, I love how this one came out :)

 A ruffle pillow

 Painted this and hated it, repainted it multiple times

 Used freezer paper to make stencils for pillows

 Spray painted said pillows...

 Hubby showing me up on the sewing machine

I think my painting/pillows came out pretty good (FINALLY):

Caught up with old friends:

Spend 95% of my time hanging out with these Two Crazy Pigs:
 This has been the only snow store of the year... and the kiddo was pretty excited.  What? You can't see the snow?  Yeah that's cause it snowed half a teaspoon. She still went to play in it though.  :)

And making a plan to make some moola, and save what we've got--per the staying on a budget goal.  Considering entering the 7th level of hell and substitute teaching one day a week.  

Maybe someday I won't feel so crazy, and I'll actually start writing again (crossing my fingers I can make time tonight before I curl up into a ball and fall asleep).