Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Flipped by Wendelin Van Draanen

Title: Flipped
Author: Wendelin Van Draanen
Genre:YA Fiction
Rating: Thumbs up

What I liked: This book is written from the perspectives of two main characters, it's really interesting to know the motives on why they both say or do things, and it's also interesting to get different versions of how conversations went. The writing is extremely clever. I liked the message of the book, it's about not judging others by appearances, and really getting to know people.

Synopsis: Juli Baker has been waiting for Bryce Loski to move in all summer, and can hardly contain herself from piling into their moving truck to help get them settled. All Bryce can see is a dirty little girl who is content on ruining his life--especially when she grabs his hand in front of his mom.

Bryce decides the best move is to avoid his annoying neighbor, but it's hardly possible when Juli hounds him for years. Juli's smitten by him, and can't keep herself from smelling his hair when she gets a seat behind him in English.

Bryce is finally successful in getting her off his back when he realizes maybe Juli wanting to be his friend wasn't the worst thing in the world. Bryce misses Juli, but it's too late, Juli can't stand him. Bryce has to find a way to convince her he's a changed man before Juli writes him off for good.

This was such a good read!

Friday, March 26, 2010

The Wednesday Wars by Gary D. Schmidt

Title: The Wednesday Wars
Author: Gary D. Schmidt
Genre: Young Adult
Rating: PG, Thumbs up--it's a classic (already)

What I liked: I felt like I was in middle school again, this book is really interesting, funny, serious, thoughtful... I like how the book kind of just rides along with Holling HoodHood during the school year. It's so funny the kinds of things he gets himself mixed up in. The author did such a good job of mingling in Shakespeare throughout the book, it was really well done. Loved it.

Synopsis: Mrs. Baker hates Holling Hoodhood. There is no other reason she would look at him like that, the only kid left in the classroom after his Catholic and Jewish friends go to church on Wednesday afternoon. Why did he have to be Presbyterian? After Mrs. Baker assigns Holling various chores that go awry, she decides their Wednesday afternoon's should be used to study Shakespeare. The thought of which convinces Holling she must be out to get him. The novel is set in the 1960's, the characters dealing with the Vietnam war as a back drop to daily life.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid-The last straw, by Jeff Kinney

Title: Diary of a Wimpy Kid, The last straw
Author: Jeff Kinney
Genre:Junior Fiction
Rating:PG, Thumbs way up

What I like: It's hilarious. I was a doubter, and thought, what's the big deal? Even after I read the first ten pages I was like, so what? And then it got funnier and funnier, and I could appreciate the genius it took to write the book--it's all in the magic of layering, he would mentioned something in the diary, and then 10-15 pages later, it would come back up in a hilarious way. The set up was amazing, it's really hard to write humor, I was super impressed and loved the comics that went with it. Now I can't wait to get my hands on the others.

Synopsis: Greg is a seventh grade wimpy kid, who has to put up with alot: his older brother Rodrick harassing him, his baby brother--and his blanket named Tingy, his mom embarrassing him, and now his dad wants to send him to military school! Read along as Greg employs various tactics to avoid the inevitable--Spag Union military academy, before the school year is up and he has to say so long to summer. (This is the third book in the series)

Friday, March 19, 2010

Jerusalem Vigil by Bodie and Brock Thoene

Title: Jerusalem Vigil
Authors: Bodie and Brock Thoene
Genre: Historical/Christian Fiction
Rating: I would rate this book a seven out of ten, Adult

What I like:I found that it increased my knowledge and understanding of the on-going struggle in the Middle East.

Synopsis: It is an enjoyable historical novel of the 1948 birth of the nation of Israel. It is very descriptive concerning the geographic locations, as well as vivid portrayal of the horrific fight between the two warring factions of the jihad fighters of Islam and the Zionist fighters.
It is told as a narrative story that includes the heartaches and struggles of both sides; it is clear that the author viewpoint is from a Christian perspective that favors the Jews.


Sunday, March 7, 2010

Gallagher Girls Books, by Ally Carter

Title: Cross my Heart and Hope to Spy
Author: Ally Carter
Genre: YA
What I like: I am reviewing the second book, it's kind of random, but I read the first one, I liked it alright, but I didn't love was clean and cute but it didn't hook me like other books I was reading at the moment. After I ran out of ideas for the library again and I decided what the heck, I'll reserve the next one. And I loved it. This book was so cute! I would suggest reading the first book, because then you have all the back ground, it's not a bad book--but I liked the second one better, I think it has to do with the pacing of the book--and the "what's going to happen next" factor.

Synopsis: Cammie "Chameleon" Morgan is having a hard time "being herself" after a rough post break-up Christmas break, that ends with a Government debriefing. Back at Gallagher Academy she can't seem to erase Josh from her mind, even though she knows that exactly what they did to him. What exactly did he remember after the "tea" her mother gave him? But Josh isn't the only thing on her mind, it's the closed off passage way, her mother (the headmistress)acting strange and wanting her to be a good daughter, while her friends think she needs to be a good spy--not to mention there are a whole new set of students coming in mid-semester. Cammie's got to figure out who she is when she is shoved into the spotlight, despite all her spy training to live her legend and be invisible.