Friday, February 22, 2013

Wicked Witch of the Nest

I'm nesting.  Completely and insanely.  The problem is I only have so much energy... or ya know... so little.  And the days I try to take on the world, I pay for it.  Either that afternoon or for the next three days.  And I get CRANKY and go into a complete emotional upheaval, because I'm so flipping tired.  It's so aggravating.   Some days I can't seem to make my bed or do any of the dishes  (nope, not a one).  And days like today I make lists and lists of the things I would love to do before the baby gets here.

-Make a zillion curtains to go in every room of my house
-Do a few diy art projects from pinterest (which if you're wondering, I still haven't joined, I just lurk)
-Make two ruffle skirts for my girls
-Make three bean bag chairs
-recover the glider
-repaint ALL the baseboards/doors/paneling a fresh coat of white
-buy a new comforter for my bed
-paint the baby's dresser

But how can I even bother doing the above if I don't have the energy to do this:
-pay the bills
-reorganize the little dresser
-take a shower
-do my prenatal yoga so my stupid tailbone doesn't hurt sooooo much.
-finish recovering my parents dining room chairs that I started MONTHS ago
-make all these little gum paste flowers that I'm going to need in April...

And in the insane part of my nesting brain... I look at the above list and I'm like, yeah I can totally do that!  I just need to make a list of my supplies and just start cracking.  The more rational side of me is thinking it's time to buy more dark chocolate and go watch Pride and Prejudice (the six hour one, duh).

I'm not sure which side will win today... but I have a feeling I'm going to be spent tomorrow either way.


Friday, February 8, 2013

It's okay to be overwhelmed

Today I woke up overwhelmed.

Overwhelmed with life and the billion things that are clamoring for my attention.

Sometimes life is like a cupboard (or drawer or closet) you've crammed so many things into, that they all keep spilling out every time you open the door... or you know, wake up and get out of bed.

Waking up like this isn't fun.

But the thing I realized today is... It's OKAY to feel overwhelmed.  It's NORMAL when there are a billion things in your life that you can't control.

You just have to embrace it and say 'Nope I can't do it all'.  And know that at the end of the day the important things will get done.  No you don't have to finish doing your taxes today, or patching all the nail holes in the wall, or sorting that ridiculous pile of papers on the counter, or finish prepping for your little brother's wedding reception that isn't until the END OF APRIL... (okay, that last one may not apply to you).

Prioritize.  Yes, I will get my bum to the grocery store because I have to feed my family. And if that's the only thing on my list that gets "done"... it's okay.

I find that whenever I feel like this and I want to crawl back in my bed there are some things to do/realize:

1. I probably need more sleep.  Life always looks better when you aren't over tired.

2. If it go out for a walk I'll get some perspective.

3. Do one thing on your list.  Just one.  Some days this means making my bed.  Others it means showering.  Yep, I'm serious.  Or the walk thing.  So pick one thing you HAVE to do... and then "take a vacation from your problems"--What about Bob... I'm seriously going to have to watch this movie soon, it's been way to long.

So what do you do when you feel overwhelmed?
{Besides make a HUGE batch of brownies and eat them until you want to pop... because that may or may not have been my coping mechanism yesterday :) }