Thursday, April 5, 2012

I need to get real

Does anyone else out there have over zealous goals and deadlines they push on themselves?  Like finishing their novel rewrite before their birthday or running a half marathon--barefoot...also by their birthday? (Does this scream mid-life crisis to anyone else?  And am I allowed to have one of those yet?)

Okay, okay, confession on the barefoot thing--I'm not that crazy, I wear shoes, but I'm doing the whole minimalist thing... to change my heel striking ways.  (Anyone else read Born to Run and want to be Tarahumara?)

So sometimes I make these lofty goals and then reality sets in.

Like oh wait, I have small children who sometimes make it impossible to write, even though I needed to meet my 500 word goal for the day and edit the crap out of yesterday's 500...

Or wait, I'm not sixteen anymore, so trying to up my mileage 1 mile/week (HA!) in racing flats (Hahahohohehe!) when you're only supposed to do add on 10%/week in distance when transitioning to barefoot form... yeah, it doesn't exactly go so well.

So my ankles have been killing me, my writing has sucked, and I'm totally beating myself up over it.
I've had to stop running to make sure I don't do any real damage. (Don't worry I pulled out my trusty 30 day shred and even after all the exercising lately, it's still hard)  I've had to realize I can't always make my word count goals...

The hardest part about this is realizing IT'S OKAY.  Who freaking cares?  No one has a gun to my head.  I'm doing this for me, and if it takes longer than initially planned--what's the big deal?

So message for today... get real and stop being so hard on yourself.