Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Agendas. (Reading like a writer part II)

Agendas bug me. 

They kill the magic of a story.  I'll give you an example. 

I love Ratatouille.  

It's so well done.  I love the story, the concept, the characters, it's sheer entertainment.    

Now I'll compare that with another film... Walle.

I did NOT love Walle.  You want to know why?  

Yes it's cute.  The little robots, so fun...but you can't enjoy the story without being smacked over the head with the AGENDA.  Yes I believe taking care of the planet is a good thing.  And being fat and lazy, yeah not so good for your health.  But can't I just enjoy a movie every once in a while?

I would love to rehash all the books I've read where the agenda smacked me so hard I had to stop reading, but I'm afraid of the craziness that is the internets... (if you'd like an example of book reviewing gone wrong, check this out and follow the link...) 

It's lame I can't give my opinion on every book I read--I will gladly keep sharing the ones I love, but I don't want anything to come back and bite my hindquarters.

As for Disney movies that I review, I am so open to crazy opinions/comments/anger/etc. 

Has an agenda ever killed a story for you??  


  1. Agendas absolutely kill a book for me. I know we all write out of what we value, but a book should be about the characters and their journey not a veiled diatribe.

  2. Yes. I won't mention the book, but yes.

  3. hahaha yes i have....happy feet and a few futurama episodes i've seen...oh and rango

  4. Happy feet... yes. And Rango...I've still got to see, but maybe I wont now that I know :)