Sunday, March 7, 2010

Gallagher Girls Books, by Ally Carter

Title: Cross my Heart and Hope to Spy
Author: Ally Carter
Genre: YA
What I like: I am reviewing the second book, it's kind of random, but I read the first one, I liked it alright, but I didn't love was clean and cute but it didn't hook me like other books I was reading at the moment. After I ran out of ideas for the library again and I decided what the heck, I'll reserve the next one. And I loved it. This book was so cute! I would suggest reading the first book, because then you have all the back ground, it's not a bad book--but I liked the second one better, I think it has to do with the pacing of the book--and the "what's going to happen next" factor.

Synopsis: Cammie "Chameleon" Morgan is having a hard time "being herself" after a rough post break-up Christmas break, that ends with a Government debriefing. Back at Gallagher Academy she can't seem to erase Josh from her mind, even though she knows that exactly what they did to him. What exactly did he remember after the "tea" her mother gave him? But Josh isn't the only thing on her mind, it's the closed off passage way, her mother (the headmistress)acting strange and wanting her to be a good daughter, while her friends think she needs to be a good spy--not to mention there are a whole new set of students coming in mid-semester. Cammie's got to figure out who she is when she is shoved into the spotlight, despite all her spy training to live her legend and be invisible.

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  1. Just finished book three, the fourth one is coming out June 29th!