Monday, May 31, 2010

Query Test

This site is so cool, I just found out about it and I'm already obsessed.  You submit your query for other writers to review, it's done on a point in order to submit your queries you have to read and review other's kind of fun.

I wish that the comment section were larger, because I find I want to give people more advice...but oh well, most people who have reviewed my query haven't left comments, but one was so helpful!

Check it out.


  1. Interesting site; thanks for the link!

  2. Thank you for the link. I checked it out. I just may submit and start reviewing others. Thank you for visiting my blog. ";-)

  3. we had a conversation about this a while ago and as i track over blogs i havent read i am reminded why i am continually amazed by your ambition....(and also scared by the lack of donuts in the house.)