Thursday, June 24, 2010


Stars twinkled overhead as she belted out her favorite tune.  Her cheeks were wind whipped but her spirits were still up as the moon arched it’s way across the sky.  It was only three hours past her bed time, but it seemed to matter less with every s’more she ate.  A belly laugh like a baby tiger, the girl tickled her daddy next to the campfire. 

“Ticka, ticka, ticka.”

“Hmm, I think it’s time for someone to go to bed,” Dada said.

“I no wanna go to bed.”

“Yes but you should.”

“Dada’s right sweetie, if you want to go swimming in the morning you have to go to bed,” Mom started up. 

“I wanna watch a show.”

“Sorry pumpkin, there’s no tv out here.”

“Maybe we should have brought one…” Dada rubbed his head.  His musing was interrupted by a sharp cracking sound in the woods beside them.  Gizmo, the family dog, perked up at the disturbing noise.  An English bulldog ripped through the brush and straight for the beloved family pet.  Dada grabbed up the baby, while Mom kicked off the intruder.   The dog slowly backed away, with low throaty barks escaping through it’s horrible mouth.

“That stupid thing bit me,” Mom grumbled.

“Is it bad?” Dada asked.

“No, I think it only had one tooth, but maybe we should sleep in the car.”

As the family tossed and turned in the car, the little girl requested the Barney song to lull her to sleep.  This is when Dada decided that maybe they should just pack it up and go home.  The family decided to campout In the family room and fall asleep to Blues Clues, making the girl extremely happy.  It was the best camping trip ever.        


  1. As a freshman in high school, you sumbit to just about anything, just to not get eaten alive. Lane was 15, and trying to prove herself to the world that indeed, she was worthy of recognition. As she took a shower and wrapped her self in her light pink towel, she wondered what she should where. She basically had a multiple personality disorder when it came to style. One day she was a country bumpkin complete with daisy dukes ( that were none the less much longer than regular daisy dukes much to her mother's insistance. Not to mention they were much shaggier too since Lane cut her brand new jeans in a split second before she caught the bus... a decision she would come to regret.) But today, Lane decided she would go for the "punk" look. More like a, how you say? Avril Lavigne inspired masterpiece. So, Lane grabbed a black t-shirt she had gotten from a thrift store that said " St. Mary's Catholic Elementary" to wear in jest. It was weathered and just perfect. She threw her hair into a sloppy bun that was supposed to show how much she didn't care. Then she got on some sweet jeans and cuffed them on the bottom. They looked perfect with just the right amount of grudge. Then she went to the shoe shelf she shared with her 5 other siblings. Scrabling for just the right thing, as her mother yelled for her to "HURRY UP!" she found one faded yellow converse that belonged to her brother, and then finally at the last second found the other. As she grabbed her lunch of the counter, she ran twoards the door when she spotted her three year old sister's star braclet, the perfect final touch to her punk rocker,ironic style. She felt like it mocked society and showed her defiance. One last glance at at her star bracelet and she thought, this would go perfect with my skirt and my sister's high heels, i think i'll wear that tomorrow....

  2. That was great! Thanks for sharing!