Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Plan

I need to be finished...for my own sanity.

This is the plan:
Part 1:
1. Finish Major Edits (that I'm almost done with, on pg. 202 of 284) 1 week (6/11-6/17)update...finished these Edits 6/12/10, moving onto next phase of plan
2. Re-outline MS 2 days (6/18-6/19) update finished outline 6/15/10
3. Protag. Edits, motivation and consistency 1 week (6/20-6/27)
4. World building 1 week (6/28-7/4)
5. Trimming the Fat... 1 week (7/5-7/11)

Plan revised...I just got edits back from my sister-in-law and they are amazing! So I'm trying to do steps 3-5 plus her edits all at the same time... so it's going a little slower...but I feel really good about it :) So the deadline for all these steps has also change... it's now:  Aug 1st

Part 2:
6. Then send it to my betas and take it on a road trip...(Aug.1-Aug.17)
7. Re-read/re-work query/synopsis/submission material
8. Make Edits
9. Query... September 1st.

I have a deadline. Huzzah.

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