Monday, November 22, 2010

Why I hate(d) G&P

Dear Mrs./Mr. (Insert all English teacher names I've ever had... and some of the Spanish ones too),

I hate grammar.  I do.  I still hate it.  I hated all the worksheets, all the work book practices 1a-14j, all the tests multiple choice or not.  It all sucked, it was boring.  I don't have the kind of brain that processes that information easily.

But I really, really hated it because I didn't understand why it mattered.  

THIS is why it matters.

So I'm making a not hate grammar, because I need to learn the ins-and-outs like...a couple of years ago.

I'm going to find myself a grammar book and I'm going to read it...and I may even do the practice exercises from my sisters high school textbook.  I may not love it, but I will trudge through until I understand it.

And it will make my writing BETTER.

So I'm sorry for hating your lessons on grammar (and maybe you for teaching them).  I'm sorry for rushing through the work I labeled "busy".

I still may not regret quitting piano lessons... but I do regret slacking in the grammar department.  




  1. I hated grammar for years, but I've been really happy that I persisted through my hatred. It really does make a world of difference. As Natalie said, grammar = knowing your language. Language is more than vocabulary. Without grammar, you don't really know how to use that vocab in a clear, effective, persuasive way.

  2. LOL! I found you today from Between Fact and Fiction and my thoughts were the same as your post today! Not only that but so did your previous post regarding NaNoWriMo! I started but failed miserably (although the month is not over!). I am excited though because it got me excited about writing.
    It was a pleasure to meet you!

  3. Good for you for knowing your weaknesses and resolveing to solve them! I liked grammar classes. Dunno why. Just came easy to me I guess. Math however...