Friday, November 19, 2010

Back in the Saddle...

I've failed at Nanowrimo. But I'm excited.

My word count for the month is way under even 5,000 words.

I've been writing again.


And that's what's amazing.

And I realize that not only was my writing slump attributed to being in my first trimester, it was also because I was scared to write my really good idea. The other ideas that I thought were good just weren't pushing me to finish... the stakes weren't high enough for me.  And if they weren't high enough for me to write it, why the heck would anyone want to read it?

So I'm working on the new WIP with actual enthusiasm and can't wait to see all the places it takes me.

Side note... I do want to write those other books someday, they are still good ideas... but I can't write them until I figure out how to up the ante.

Back in the saddle again :)

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