Tuesday, January 15, 2013

I have a blog?

I keep getting subtle reminders that I'm not blogging... like all the bajillion spam comments that keep getting emailed to me.

I pulled the old thing up and realized how much I liked blogging.  And how cute my short hair was... sigh.

So here's a life update for ya...

1. I have two crazy kids, a 4yr old and a 20 month old.
2. We are having another baby in the springtime.
3. My husband is still going to school and had to leave us for three months.*
4. Big girl started Prek this year.
5. I'm growing out my hair for various reasons... one of which is that my face fills out when I'm pregnant, and the other is that my husband begged me day after day after day... to grow out my hair--we shall see how long it lasts.  I get this itchy feeling every so often that I need to chop all my hair off.
6. It's just been a lot of big changes.

I've been writing occasionally.
Exercising more than writing.
Eating healthy.
Cooking from my crockpot.
Learning how to keep my house under control, or at least attempting it.
Surviving the kids being constantly sick.
Getting through the holidays without too many meltdowns (my own, not the kids).
Trying to keep things in balance without wanting to rip all my hair out.

So it's time, I don't want to make this blog a headache, or have a schedule, or feel obligated to post about certain things, but I miss it.  I miss venting, or sharing, or making a record of my life.

So while I'll probably still write about writing, I had to change the title of my blog.  Because I'm pretty sure I'll be writing more about life.  And how I'm trying to love it.

More on that later.


*Single parenthood SUCKS. I do NOT recommend it. And I seriously admire anyone who has to do the task alone, because it is reeeeeaaaaallly hard.


  1. Whoa, I forgot you had a blog! J/K! I know the craziness of life has hijacked your blogging time, it's happened to me. I'm sure after baby #2 people will think I have dropped off the face of the earth. Here's to each other finding balance soon!

  2. Thanks, and I'm pretty sure dropping off the face of the planet is healthy sometimes :)

  3. Gah! We are so in the same boat! With the blog re-thinking, I mean... not so much the semi-single parenthood (you are my hero). Glad to see you back!

    1. Yeah, the single parenthood thing was awful, not gonna lie I'm very glad he is back :) And definitely on the same page with the blogy stuff... It was a little too confining, at least for me, to try and make it "professional"... but I feel like lately that's how my writing has been too--it's like why am I really doing this? I want to get better at it, but I feel like sometimes being too worried about it stops me from writing at all.

    2. I know that worry, yes. I hope you'll keep going! I miss your words. :)