Thursday, April 15, 2010

Pearl of Wisdom

"Puedo escribir los versos más tristes esta noche.
Escribir, por ejemplo: "La noche está estrellada,
y tiritan, azules, los astros, a lo lejos."
El viento de la noche gira en el cielo y canta."
Poema XX Pablo Neruda

This is one of my favorite poems. We had to recite it for my Spanish Phonetics class, it's amazing how it flows. I love it.

Poetry is often sad, and about various aspects of love which reminded me of another quote:

"To my mother Candy, who taught me that love is the best part of any story"

Stephanie Meyer

This is in the dedication of The Host.

So I'm brain storming, because I'm trying to wrap things up with my first novel-I'm still revising, but it's time to move on to my next project.

Which to be a good story, has to has to have a love story. I totally agree with Stephanie Meyer's mom. I'm trying to think of a book I've read that hasn't at least had a sub plot with a love story... Even To Kill a Mockingbird, which doesn't have an obvious romantic subplot, is essentially a love story(love for mankind).

I have at least three different novels that I'm considering to write, but it's almost like I have to nail out who the love interest is and what my romantic plot/subplot will be before I ultimately decide which story has to be told. Which is slightly daunting but amazingly fun because I get to delve back into high school-without actually attending, and get the low-down on what it's like to be a teenager from my fifteen year old informant/sister.

So here's to love and to brainstorming...

And I just read this, which cracked me up.

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