Tuesday, April 27, 2010

POW (Pearl of Wisdom)

I was just having trouble coming up with the subject of an email I just sent, so I clicked on the subject "button/generator" in my yahoo account, it came up with:

for a fish and finger pie

the honey that burns

Hazards of storing plutonium in Tupperware

I'm going through a shrinking spurt

My motivational speaking tour

I like eggs

Do Not Read

re: please don't call me a chinchilla

This is the first email of your new life

None of which seemed very appropriate, so I settled for 'hey'. Original, right? But at least my message probably wont get sent to the spam filter.

I'm kind of sad I didn't put: Hey, panini head! But that didn't quite fit either, because I'm not exactly Gordon Ramsay on my favorite episode of Kitchen Nightmares.

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