Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Dinosaurs, Adoption and Cool Blogs

We're back...

We lived.  It was a stinking long time in the car... First the nine hour drive to San Antonio to see Shamoof (no that's not a typo, my toddler renamed Shamu while we were down there) and back for a total of 18 hours... and then the other trip that was 20 hours in the car... we took two days to get there and two days back (40 hours!), with only three days in between.  So really this August my daughter and I have spent 58 hours in the car!

This pic is before the 2nd ride home...we still look okay. I have to find an after pic--but I think my husband already saved them in some goofy folder I don't know about, because they are no longer on the card.

She started to bawl when I put her in her carseat yesterday.  Can I blame her?  No.  I can't.  I told her, we were just going to the Grocery store.  I don't think she believed me.

As I've started catching up with blogomundo... I wanted to post some blogs that really should be visited.

First my brother and sister-in-law have just been approved for another adoption (Yea!):

They are so cute, here  is their profile--just trying to spread the word, feel free to do so as well.  They are awesome parents to my niece Halle who was adopted in 2008.  This is their adoption blog.

Another awesome blog belong's to my sister-in-law's (pictured above) sister Jenny... are you confused yet?
This is her blog.

And this one 29 not dead but dying, is amazing... Raven Blackmane rocks... and in case you were wondering I don't think 29 is very old.

My little sister also started a blog.  I took this picture... caught her mid boogie wipe :)

I'm trying to catch up, I'll get there soon.  Other things have taken precedence in the moments since our arrival... like laundry, loads and loads of laundry, grocery shopping, putting away all the crap we brought on our trips... it's been crazy.

So anyway--we're back.  And if you haven't seen the movie pictured at the top.  It's a must see.  No really.  It is.

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