Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tuesday Flash Fiction/OOD

This is a writing prompt otherwise known as an OOD or Obect of Day.  I pulled it from the "inspiration box" my sister made me...  I started doing this in effort to keep writing new things, as I obsessively edit my WIP.  Leave your own piece in the comments : )  I've decided to give myself a word limit:  100.  So here goes:  


“If you can hold it...I would,” I said to Suz.

“It’s that bad?”

“I haven’t seen a toilet like that since the rest stop in Amarillo.”

“How far until the next town?”

“60 miles.”

“I’ll take my chances…”  Suz tapped open the door with one finger. 

I strolled the isles of the station and piled my stash on the counter:  water, gum, snickers.  The clerk beeped each item into the bag.  I grabbed a postcard off the rack on the counter.  I wasn’t ready to call Mom.  But at least we could let her know we were alive.          

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  1. "I'm telling you, that kid in the picture is your Uncle Danny," Gram said.

    "I guess he looks like him, but I don't see it Gram," I say. I look at Mom and she gives me a look that says, "Just play along."

    Right as Gram is ready to give up, I say, "Oh wait, I think I remember seeing Uncle Danny wearing that shirt in another picture somewhere."

    "I thought they didn't let him keep it after the photo shoot. Give me the phone," Gram says.

    As she dials Uncle Danny, I tiptoe out of the room.