Monday, December 6, 2010


Oreo Truffles are the WORST invention ever.  Don't even think about making them unless you want to gain about fifty pounds this Christmas season. But if you do want to gain fifty pounds or you have way more self control than a tired, cranky, hormonal, pregnant woman who is addicted to anything with chocolate or cream cheese in it, HERE is the recipe.

I really want to try them with like mint Oreos, but that would be double trouble for me--so maybe I'll leave it up to you.

Today I'm cranking out...and I think that's because I'm tired and ate too many truffles.  But that's beside the point...  I'm in serious need of ideas to crack out of my cranky mood.  I really wanted to write during these precious nap time moments (that will probably end when I start two-year-old has been yelling:  "Mom! I'm finished sleeping!" when she's done, which is way better than crying...but still it always comes a little too soon).

But Taylor Swift just isn't pulling me out of my mood and neither are Christmas lights or reading blogs... so I'm out of ideas.

What do you when you are too cranky to do something??


  1. Exercise, drink strong coffee and burn incense, or listen to music that makes me cry.

    Yes, I said it. There are songs that make me cry.

  2. You should try taking a bath or a shower--not to clean, but to relax. You might also want to try watching a funny movie, or lookup some comedian you know will make you laugh on youtube. Endorphins! (But I guess sugar has those, too...)

    Or try doing something you love, but including your precious kid. Sometimes you need a break! Maybe your cranky is telling you that.