Friday, December 10, 2010

Sleep or Write?

I have a list of priorities that's ingrained in my day.  I'm sure we all do.

Eating and using the restroom are pretty high on my list (although taking care of the kiddo comes before these oft times).
Doing chores is pretty low on the list...but I force myself eventually.

The set of priorities that keep getting mixed up are:  the whole sleep thing or enjoying my free time...
The last couple days sleep has lost, no wonder I'm so cranky this week.  

What do you sacrifices to do the things you love?


  1. We're the same. Oh, don't forget showering, outward appearance, sanity. Sleep has not been my friend and I think it's mad at me or something.

  2. Well, I'll let the dishes go longer than I should, leave the floor unswept, ect...just so I can sit down and write or blog for a bit.