Thursday, January 6, 2011

Taking down Christmas

I was really done with Christmas this year, I got in all my cocoa and chocolate and singing and presents and shopping and reflecting on the true meaning of Christmas... I did it all and then I felt it was time to move on.

I packed up everything, the ornaments, the lights, the little weird knickknacks--but everything felt so empty.  Like I just washed the color off the walls or something...It just felt bare.

So I started celebrating Valentine's day.  I made a heart garland and hung it over the fireplace got out the two other Valentine's day decorations I have...and I felt better.

My daughter and I went to see Tangled for the second time and my favorite part of the movie is when Tangled (that's what my daughter calls Rapunzel) is sitting on the boat with Eugene and is talking about how it's been a dream her whole life to see the floating lights...and she asks What if it's not everything I hoped it to be?

It will be--Eugene tells her.

And then she says:

And what if it is? 

I love this, because it's so true.  Sometimes I haven't been able to fully enjoy something because I knew it would end.  (Isn't that kind of weird?) What happens when this magical thing is over?  Even if it was perfect--it's over.

Eugene looks at her and says:  You get a new dream.

So Valentine's Day is my new dream--At least decoration wise :)

But really in life sometimes we just need to realize even when amazing things are over, there can always be a new dream.

So in light of a new dream, I have some New Years Resolutions...okay I have a lot of them, but I'm only sharing two:

1. Finish revising my WIP (by March 3rd) and get rejected at least 100 times before I file it away :)
2. Write one of my new brain children :)  By writing 500 words/day 5x's a week (Starting March 4th)

My bloggy-nod to Valentine's Day:

Thought of You from Ryan J Woodward on Vimeo.


  1. Oooooo I so want to see that movie!!

    The Arrival, on Amazon NOW!

  2. Hi! I just had to come over and check out your blog. I'm so glad I'm not the only one worrying about the end of the world taking out my publishing dreams! Yeah, I try to explain it to my hubby, too, but he doesn't quite get it. I'm trying to make more writing friends so someone will understand my strange fears.

    Anyway, I've been reading your blog and I just have to say: *ahem* That's my favorite part of Tangled! I may or may not have gotten choked up. Also, yeah, Taylor, what are you thinking?? (and her and Jake are already over. Wha...?) To write or sleep...I usually choose write. But I also avoid my WIP like the plague sometimes for no apparent reason.

    So. The reason for this long, rambling post? Uh...I think your blog is cool. And you sound pretty cool. If you ever want to talk about writerly things, you can email me-- Have a good day!

  3. so. yeah, i didn't want to see tangled , but i'd have to say that i got kinda... teary eyed. ughh i'm so embarrased! how cheesy.. but it really made me think.. i need to chase my dreams, even if other people aren't happy and don't understand them. :D i'm going on a caribbean cruise! so what if it'll take me five years to save! i can do it! :D and if it's not everything i expected, who cares, i'll go chase another dream like.. ughhh something more .. responsible and boring.

  4. i love the hearts at your house! well put happy new year!