Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Become a Better Writer W/O Writing...Live (PART II)

Hey guys,

Here's the video of the week.  Again, YOU HAVE TO WRITE TO BE A BETTER WRITER...but sometimes we need to procrastinate in the name of writing.  (Which is kinda why I've been making videos about writing :) )


  1. Hooray! I love that you are having so much FUN! I'm really looking forward to the next video. It seems like a super simple concept to just "live" but how often we forget to actually do it. I miss you Red!

  2. You and your brother are awesome! I love these videos.

  3. Angela, I sure hope so, because it happens quite often around here.

    And Raven, it is way fun, Matt is awesome... and wanted the public to know...yes he is single

    Jeigh they are way fun to make, so thanks :)

  4. This video is super cute, and you make some great points while having fun~ at least you look like you're having fun :)