Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Life Lessons from Sesame Street

So this morning while watching Sesame Street...

(Heck yes I watch Sesame Street. I know it's probably my best time of the day to do dishes, or fold laundry because the two-year-old is occupied... but why do dishes when you can sit on your couch with your toddler and watch Sesame Street) 

Anyway, I was saying... I came across this video and it totally made my day.  I think it's something everyone needs to hear (especially writers who are sick of getting kicked to the curb).

But... we are special, we need to dream big and realize we just need to keep our heads up high...

I'm the only me.  And I love me. 

My sister and I used to play the "I love me because..." game.  Which sounds totally vain and weird, but it actually is a really good self esteem booster to realize what you love about yourself... and realize being you is amazing--even if you're the only one (you know of) who loves you.

So what do you love about yourself?


I love me because I can (usually) cheer people up when they are feeling cruddy.

What do you love about you?  I really want to know.       


  1. I love me because I can make people happy with the food I make. I love the comfort that food gives, as if they can taste the love I put in it especially for them. I love this song and it's sad that sometimes we forget how special we all are.

  2. i love the food you make as well, and the art you make, and the humor and fun personality you have. and i like you red boot because you're funny and you're REAL. i like ME because i'm smart.