Tuesday, February 22, 2011


I've had so many blog topics floating around in my head this week:  Top ten ways to piss off pregnant women, road rage and back story, writer's pause v. writer's block, and how I can never do those word verification thingys when leaving a comment...

Basically I'm going to do mini entries because I've just had a billion other things going on this week and it sounds too daunting to really develop each entry.

10 ways to piss off a pregnant woman...boiled into 1 (this might be a reoccurring feature, so I can finish the ways):

1.  Tell me I'm not going to make it to my due date... this implies that you think I'm HUGE and there is no way in heck I'll carry this baby full term.  I'm measuring exactly on track so BACK OFF.

(And yeah I don't know any woman who wouldn't want to have their baby before 40 weeks... but it sucks when the above mentioned people are right and you were too huge to make your due date with kiddo no. 1)

If you're tempted to tell me how gynormous I would be in your best interest to keep your mouth shut.



  1. Amen. I started getting the "When are you due?" at five months, and when they found out how much more time I had, it was always a sympathetic groan. Like that doesn't get absolutely irritating! I'm small, okay? Not much room in here!

  2. My Grandma thought I was HUGE from about 12 weeks on, and she never failed to tell me that. What bothered me more than commentaries on the size of my tummy was when people felt the need to criticize what I was eating. "Should you really be eating all those empty calories?" EXCUSE ME??? I'm pregnant! I'll eat YOU if I feel like it!

    PS - don't mess with your layout/template. The stress isn't worth it. I literally had nightmares about it last night. ;)