Tuesday, February 1, 2011

When the crap hits the fan

If my life were a novel--next week would be awesome.

You know when everything goes wrong and the main character is seriously struggling and you just have to speed read until the end because things are about to change for the better (unless it's hardcore dystopian or foreign)...I felt like that was my last week.

I know I'm being a drama queen.  My life is really fine, nothing major happened--but it was seriously the accumulation of a ton of little things.

Okay confession, I started to list everything that happened and it was kind of depressing to read, so if you know me personally you can call me up and we can have a good laugh.

Anyway just wanted to say that even though the crap hit the fan* I had a ton of really good things that happened interspersed between the craziness--which made me really glad that my life isn't a novel, because that usually doesn't happen--like my family helped me out A TON, I didn't have to make dinner much this week, some really nice man pushed my car out of the road...and then two other guys did the second time it died,  my friends came over and taught me how to make tostadas the right way and fixed my car with my dad while my husband was at work, things amazingly worked out right and left even when I had given up on them.  So thanks everyone, for the help, the prayers, and the perspective.


* (I know that's a gross image...but my husband always says that when he's telling me an especially crazy day working as an EMT--at least he edits it for me, I'm 100% sure his coworkers wouldn't)

P.S.  I just had to link this post...  so funny :)


  1. As an EMT myself, I agree with you that his co-workers would be very unlikely to...

    I hope things smooth out for you. Good mixed in with it our not, that sounds like a lot of chaos to keep up with.

  2. Man, I hope things get better! Cars in and of themselves can be a nightmare, without other things piled on top. I think cars can sense bad weeks, you know? So they know when to crap out.

    Thanks for the link! And congrats on winning the query contest! I was so excited for you!

  3. I'm happy that things worked out. It's hard to know when things will get better after the crap splatters from the initial fan hit, but we'll be here to help clean up.