Thursday, September 15, 2011

Waxing Poetic

its days like these 
my heart hurts
when the stacks of bills
and the dishes
and the floors
and everything
clamors for my attention
and all i can think about  
is being carefree
feeling pretty
strumming a guitar
a trove of opportunities
at my fingertips
i swallow the lump in my throat
and realize this is my life now
this is what i want
as much as i miss my life before
on days like these


  1. This was lovely and just what I was feeling today! I just want time to relax!!! I'd love a hammock, a notebook, and a pitcher of lemondae! Yes, the life of the luxurious!

  2. Exactly! It seems that my poetry lately turns into whatever Baby is watching on the tele.

    Has a high pitched voice...
    A monkey is her best friend...
    Dora the Explorer...