Monday, March 26, 2012

Afraid of the dark

I've been getting out a bit earlier as my runs have gotten longer.  And it's generally darker then I prefer.  Earlier means the sky doesn't yet have a hit of glow about it until I get back.

I know my senses are more alert, I'm on the watch out for creepsters who are lurking in the wee hours of the morning.  I know I'm paranoid.  I live in an insanely safe part of the world, but one can never be too careful.  I confess I run with mace and my phone and I don't listen to music.  

Anyway, it was dark this morning, and I was running along by some enormous bushes.  Giant bushes, the kind where creepsters totally camp out in waiting for me to run by and something jumped out!

The adrenaline rush was amazing for my pace--in a fight or flight situation I'm a little more geared to flight--my arms pumped and my legs flew and everything slowed down... so that I could safely get away from the birds who flew right past my feet, in some kind of crazy mating ritual. 
I couldn't help but laugh as I ran along.   

In my denfense they really crashed through those leaves--loudly and my freak out was much more justified than the one I had when a giant moth flew out in front of me.    

So anyone else out there with a crazy imagination?  Am I the only one afraid of the dark?  

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