Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Paula, Paula, Paula

I find it interesting so many people have been in an uproar about Paula Deen having diabetes.  It really doesn't seem like a such a shocker to me.  
Exhibit A.
I think I just got diabetes by looking at this picture.

It seems as though there are two camps on the 'Paula has diabetes' debate.  One side is like, "You go girl, you stay true to your southern roots. Diabetes-smiabetes."  And the other is like "How can you promote all this unhealthy eating when you had diabetes?!?  How dare you make me have diabetes!  I didn't know eating a glazed donut hamburger was bad for me!"

To her credit, she's exercising/cleaning up her diet and looking more healthy--to which I say 'Yay Paula!' because, seriously, it would suck having diabetes. 

Peace out,

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