Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Basically the best part of any YA book is the romantic subplot.

(I have to admit, even though that's my favorite part--I need more plot then just the love story)

I think it's difficult to write flirty scenes between my MC and her love interest--but it's also the most fun.  And if I go back later and read it and find myself grinning at how cute they are, I know I've done it.

It's the whole kissing thing that's practically impossible for me to write... because lets be honest--I mean you want to know they are kissing, but if you are too vague it comes off weird with no emotion  but at the same time, I don't need to know every detail of the make-out session... so I don't know it's just hard.

Does anyone else have this problem??

I did read a book that had a ton of kissing scenes, the fun part is they aren't exactly what the MC was looking for:

And here's some kissing scene inspiration:

okay and here's some angst:

Okay I'm done, couldn't help but get a little carried away....


  1. Such cute songs! I'm a sucker for Louis Armstrong! Kissing is a weird thing altogether. I like the build up and when writers wait until the middle or even the end of the book for a first kiss. Call me old fashioned but the anticipation is fun, you don't see that anymore.

  2. I have problems writing kissing scenes myself. It's trying to come up with original ways to describe lips, mouths, etc. I think. Great song choices, especially Sixpence and Louie. :)

    Good luck on the rest of the challenge. New follower and look forward to return visits.

  3. I love Louis Armstrong! A little Nina Simone doesn't hurt either.

    Trying to describe anything, including a kiss, can be difficult. You want to give enough information to help the reader picture it in their mind, but not so much that you are force feeding them. Stephen King said it best, paraphrasing here: You want the description to start in the writer's mind and finish in the readers.

    Give them just enough to fill in the blanks with their own memories or hopes and dreams. Good luck with the challenge!

  4. Great post! I have trouble with romance scenes in general. In a writing class I had a teacher request that we each write a sensual romantic scene . . . um, I squirmed in my chair, and attempted to write it, but my MC discovered she was allergic to flowers that her romantic interest brought her, and sneezed her way out of the dilemma. So, I really, really can't seem to write romance at all.
    Glad I found your blog through A to Z

  5. Great post !! Wonderful about how much a simple kiss could convey, esp in YA... I write more explicit..and maybe that's why I haven't tried my hand at YA !

    Following you from A-Z challenge!

  6. I love all these videos you've posted. I've never tried my hand at kissing scenes. I think they'll be tough to write. Maybe that's why I'm sticking to middle grade. :)

  7. I'm having the same issue right now in my own book. Thanks for the videos, those are awesome! I Love Louis :)

    Sarah Allen
    (my creative writing blog)

  8. I love writing all the romantic tension before the kiss, but the actual kiss is hard. I go to Amazon, click on books that have the "Inside Look" feature, and type "kiss" in the search box. It's fun research.