Tuesday, April 19, 2011

M-aking new goals, moving O-n, and N-esting pics

I made the decision to move on.


I'm not very good at letting go, but I need a change of pace.

I made a new goal, and I'm rather excited about it.  I'm starting a new project, and shelving the old one--for now.  I can't let it go, but I need a break and I need the excitement of something new.  I need to get my writer juices flowing again before I can finish editing my WIP.

Details on my goal are coming  in my next post :)

But for now here's what I've been up to lately, minus the pictures of all the cupboards and closets I've gone through, and I'm sure you don't need a picture of the mopped/vacuum floors...

There was lots of paint, glue, mod-podge etc.  but now it's finally come together.

I love this dresser, Craig's list with some paint slapped on it.  Yay.  


  1. Way cute! I love the artwork. I can't wait to hear more about your project :)

  2. wow. writing and getting ready for a baby. i don't know that i could have done that. i'm glad the writing bug hit me when my kids were old enough to fend for themselves.

    i found you thru A-Z. nice to meet another writer.