Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Writing: in or out of order

Do you write in or out of order?

I've been writing my current WIP in order, as in okay I've finished this scene...consult outline...proceed to next scene.

But today I'm considering writing the scenes I just really want to write now and go back and fill the rest in later.

I remember someone ranting online about how they wrote their scenes out of order and how you should NEVER do it, because they never wanted to go back to those other scenes.  But I think it actually helps with my momentum...when you can copy and paste a HUGE scene into your WIP--it's so rewarding to see it added to the word count.

While editing my other work, sometimes I go write a random scene over in a notebook and then transfer it later...and this has worked wonderfully.  It actually really helps me brainstorm and focus on making that scene better.

So I'm going to start writing my fun scenes first, the ones I'm dying to write, because hopefully as the story develops I can make those transitional scenes into fun ones too...but I need the motivation to get to them.

Anyone else have a preference?  I want to know, in or out of order?


  1. I find it's just easier to write in order. I know exactly how my WIP's going to finish, but I'm going to wait, just in case I pick up something along the way that might make the ending stronger/different. I did my first novel out of order and, well, that's why I write in order now. ;)

  2. I write in pieces out of order. I often find that my first chapter needs to come later of necessity. I need to get a feel for the book before I write it.

  3. I write out of order all the time. I always want to write the fun stuff as it comes to me.

  4. I can't believe I only just found your blog with only two days left of the A to Z Challenge.
    I have written scenes (usually in a notebook) to add to my wip later. Scenes often occur to me out of order, and I (like you) like to put a huge section of manuscript in to boost the word count. Not sure why--just a quirky thing, I guess.
    BTW...I am your most recent follower (until the next most recent follower comes along).