Thursday, April 21, 2011

what have you Read lately?

So...what have you read lately???

I need some good books for these last few weeks of pregnancy--reading is my favorite escape and I'm finding myself needing to escape more and more each day.

I just read Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl and really enjoyed it.  I'm kind of a picky reader, so even if I pick up six books from the library I will probably put down three...unless I'm really desperate for something to read.  

Which means I need a plethora of, list away friends, list away. 


  1. I just finished Maze Runner and The Scorch Trials by James Dashner. Very action-y. Also, if you haven't read Wither (I can't remember who wrote it and my copy is packed), that's a good one.

  2. If you haven't read the Hunger Games trilogy, they're fast-paced and read quickly.

  3. loved the hunger games and Maze Runner/Scorch trials!

    Have not read Wither... google here I come

  4. I;ve most recdntly read 'The Help' and 'One Day' - both completely brilliant.

    Good to meet you and look forward to following your posts.
    warm wishes

  5. I suppose it really depends on what type of thing you like to read. I have just finished Split Second by David Baldacci which is a Secret Service type thriller and I have also recently read a new book out about angels called Ordinary Angel by India Drummond. A great escapism book.