Tuesday, July 20, 2010

ODD: Glasses

The glasses slid down my nose as I drove with the windows all the way up.  The air conditioning was shot… and so were the small levers that powered the glass up or down.  I was being roasted whole.  I’d never make it to 7/11 in time.  That was my dying wish—a slurpee.  But the car wouldn’t go fast enough.   It sputtered up the hill before stalling out in the middle of the intersection.  I started moving back and forth thinking maybe, just maybe my momentum could get the clunker going again.   A  Jeep full of teenagers flew by and honked at my stopped Buick—they were all holding ice cold beverages…   laughing and guzzling…I envied their brain freeze. 

 I had done something to anger the slurpee god’s and now they were mocking me.       


  1. Angie put on her mother's glasses. They were prescription of course which made her vision quite blurry and yet she wore them all day. She always knew her mother had a warped view of the world. As she went out and ran errands she received many compliments about how "retro" they were. As she got ready for bed, Angie couldn't deny the pounding headache that was in store for her as soon as her head hit the pillow. Wiping a tear, Angie says to herself, "You always get the last laugh Mom."

  2. i yike the above comment. also, you look pretty cutey-onie in this picture, IF ya know what ah mean.

  3. I dunno, those glasses looks pretty normal to me. That aside, those glasses reminds me of my aunt's glasses.