Friday, July 16, 2010

Random Friday--POW

It's time for a Pearl of Wisdom:

Preparation is like a monocle chained to your vest, always there when you need it.

Ideas are like Cowboy boots--you never know where they'll end up.

Earmuffs are love for your ears.

Love is like sunblock, when applied thickly you feel warm and gooey, when spread get burned.

Most of these came from a writing exercise I did in the class I'm taking with the Flying DutchPig.
It's really fun all you need to start with is a list of concrete items and a list of abstract ones.

1. Pineapple                                                                          
2. Lemon                                                          
3. Shoe                                                              
4. Bunny Rabbit                                    
5. light bulb                                                                   

1. Hate
2. Love
3. Happiness
4. Peace
5. Success

And then you mix and match until you have a comparison you can throw in your WIP...

Hate is like a lemon, they both do ugly things to your face.
Peace is like a bunny rabbit, soft and quiet.
Success is like a light bulb, the newer it is the brighter it burns.
Pineapple is happiness.  Yellow and sweet.

You get the idea...

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