Thursday, July 15, 2010

OOD: Watch

Posted by PicasaThe watch stopped.  8:44 a.m.  Where am I at 8:44?  I was going somewhere, doing something.  But now it’s stopped.  And not just the watch I’m afraid.  Time is standing still.  I scream as I inch forward.  Time is not still but moving slower than it ever has before. 

The car is stopped, but the pieces are still moving.  I wear metal and glass as the hissing grows louder.  I close my eyes.  Whatever is happening doesn’t matter.  Wherever I was going doesn’t matter.  Breathing matters.  I try to suck in the air.   The airbag so forcefully knocked the oxygen from my lungs.  My neck burns from the seatbelt, my head pounds.  The only thing I can think is “Will someone please turn off that siren?


  1. Okay, for a second I thought you were really talking about your personal watch. LoL. Watch, maybe you were?

    I'm new to blog and all, so hopefully you are safe and sound (no car accident on your past) and this is a short story. A good one, at that!


  2. Yeah, so no not my actual watch :)

    On Tuesdays and Thursdays I pull an object out of a box my sister made me, a writing inspiration box, and write a short story, scene, blurb, etc. just to keep writing while I'm editing my WIP...

    Anyone is welcome to make up there own piece to leave in the comments.