Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Query 911, does your query suck?

No my husband and daughter won't respond to Query calls... but the picture is so darn cute.  

Query 911:

Places to send your letter before querying: 
QueryTest (easy to use, fun, lots of response)
Query Shark (not for weenies)
Public Slush Pile (haven't tried this, but response level seems hit and miss)
Ask Daphne (query reviews on Fridays)
Nathan Bransford (does query reviews and first pages weekly)

How to write it:
Elana Johnson--awesome query writer...and gives great tips here, hook--here, setup--here, conflict--here, consequence--here, everything else--here   She just posted about how querying is a game
Pub Rants  goes through successful client queries and why they work
Anatomy of a query letter  by Caren Johnson Literary Agency

Author Query:
Heather Brewer (I found this when I was first trying to figure out what a query is, it's cool that she posted her letter...because it worked)

Finding Agents to Query:
Query Tracker
Agent Query

So I want to know...

What have you done to work on/perfect your query?

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